In the shade of the pine forest and of the woods, live side by side in direct contact with nature some ponies, little horses, goats, various species of hens, roosters, bunnies, ducks and goose, a couple of peacocks, and more than twenty hives which overlook from the top of a forested hill on the vineyards. In the spirit of an educational farm, a real animal farm has developed over the years, recently made available to the public by a local journalist who called it “Noah’s Ark” among the vineyards of Cormons. The choice of the animals was indeed inspired by a research of educational aim to represent the big variety that exists in nature. For this reason, you can come meet Ciop and Pallina, breed ponies, Juventino, a small colt black and white born to a mysterious black horse and to our Pallina, Tessa and Kor, two mini ponies, Rita and Teddy, beautiful peacocks, Garfilda and Nerina, two very curious cats, a Padovana chicken, a Cochin chicken, the couple of Indian Runner ducks and two bunnies, Miele and Tippete.

The bees live in the farm forest, at more or less 100 meters of height, in 25 hives, and make a delicious and healthy honey. The will of the farm is to increase the number of hives ant to continue enriching the surrounding environment to offer them a habitat more and more propitious. The farm also has an educational hive that allows to look inside from the glass sides and observe the movement and activity of the bees, and with a little luck, the queen bee. There is also a small educational room equipped for classroom explanations, not only for the children, but also to attend beekeeping classes for adults.