Today considered as a Biotope, this swamp dates back to Mussolinian period and is one of the rare examples that still exist in Preval of how this valley was before reclamation activities. The farm has jealously guarded this natural swampy area of high naturalistic interest that affects its property and which is visited by many people who experience this habitat and the particular climate conditions which are exactly the same as they would have been a century ago.

In the same area is a humid forest flooded by alder which is crossed by a 72 meters long wooden bridge over water and by two other small bridges to pass over some supply streams, to allow visitors and especially the children visiting the educational farm, to explore the entire wood and to pass through the swamp “walking on the water”.

Since this path is also part of the educational farm, just like the historic pine forest, it has been complemented with signs showing the name and description of the plants and animals of the area.