Bees have played a fundamental role for the company from the very beginning. On the one hand for our vocation to the conservation and development of the beauty of the territory in all its forms, on the other as the fulcrum and main theme of the educational farm, seen as a treasure chest that preserves and hands down the real values of our land and our culture. This is why we immediately welcomed a beekeeper into our farm by permanently hosting several hives in our woods with the aim of guaranteeing and enhancing biodiversity and pollination of crops, with particular attention to increasing the wealth of useful botanical species for the bees.

The first path of the educational farm was entitled: “Come, there is a bee in the woods: the educational hive – the life of the bee connected with the local flora”. Today the farm has a fully equipped didactic room dedicated to bees and an educational wooden hive that allows you to see live, from the glass side walls, the movement and activities of the worker bees inside and with a bit of luck even the queen bee.

Our priority has always been the health of the bees and of the surrounding environment, and the dissemination of their knowledge, giving little importance to the final product, mainly used in sensory laboratories dedicated to tasting and comparing the various types of honey. We believe this is what makes their honey so special today and we want to share it with you.