Della Casa Wines

It is the farm’s desire to enhance and promote Collio’s area, as outstanding Italian winery in the world. In this area of border, where the good winds of Adriatic Sea and Julian Pre-Alps meet, and where the land, made of friable marls and blocks of sandstone dating to million years ago, is really rich of minerals, some of the best white wines in the world and excellent red wines come to life and are ready to be discovered.

Educational farm

The company has established an educational farm that has been operational since April 2009. Since then, over 100 schools and summer camps from all over the region have come to visit us. Dedicated to children aged five to ten (nursery and primary) with likely extension in the future also to middle schools, it offers two educational courses to which a third will be added in 2021 and various laboratory activities with plants, animals and honey, to involve all the senses.