The farm was founded at the end of last century in Novali, on a foothill area between the gentle hills of Collio Cormonese – home of many historic winemakers – and the valley of Preval, of remarkable naturalistic interest and of ecotourism, in a land of agriculture, of wines and of borders where every year the winds of the Adriatic Sea and of the Julian Pre-Alps meet. Highly cherished by my father Umberto – “the Engineer” for many, “Nonno Bebe” for his five grandchildren – fond since always about any kind of life used by Mother Nature to amaze us every day, the farm takes its name from my mother Adele, who has been by his side since almost 70 years, from Modena just like him and a chef without equals.

Since then, the farm has grown day after day, always faithful to its vocation of respect and preservation of the biodiversity to the detriment of any kind of merely financial reasoning and always with the aim of maintaining that balance that already exists in nature and which allows the coexistence of an environmental, social and economic sustainability, in order to become today a multifaceted farm, characterized by its diversity, as its main asset.

The farm counts, in addition to some hectares of vineyards, where the famous Collio’s wines come from, a Vineyard of Fungusresistant wine (P.I.W.I), a vast woodland of robinia, oak trees and chestnut trees, arable crops (such as barley fields, corn fields, soybeans fields and alfalfa), apple orchards, peach and cherry trees, and it also counts a historic park which includes:

  • 120-year-old forest of Pinus nigra, where the corvus corax nidifies, now registered among the list of Veteran Trees
  • a marshy area which “survived” the grand land reclamations that took place between the two World Wars, traversed by a wood walkway of 72 meters and now considered as a Biotope
  • a rose garden of 4000 square meters which retraces the history of roses from the rosehip to the modern rose; the garden counts 92 plants divided in 4 romanesque-inspired rose windows.

The farm is also an educational farm with its 25 beehives, inevitable guards of this breathtaking biodiversity, and with their genuine honey, an educational beehive which allows to observe them at work, a labyrinth of hibiscus created specially to amuse school children who come visit, and a proper farm with animals like ponies, mini ponies, goats, bunnies, hens, ducks, geese and peacocks who all live happily together in this oasis of peace.