Our 20 hectares of arable crops are all located in Preval valleys. Once, these lands were specially dedicated to the cultivation of corn, soy, sunflowers and barley. And they’d still be, despite climate changes, since these areas remain mainly wetlands; however, the excessive proliferation of wild boar and roe deer that these last years destroyed these lands, discouraged most farmers of this area.

It is only thanks to my father’s foresight that we are still able to plant corn and sunflowers, that wild boars love, and with good results: more than ten years ago, against everyone’s opinion, he decided to fence most of the area in defiance of wild boar. And he won the fight!

So today we are one of the very few companies to “make arable crops” in the Preval even if, of course, we too have had to adapt to this difficult reality. Therefore, crops less attractive to unwanted guests were chosen in the non-fenced land, but still interesting for our company, which looks with great attention to regional and national supply chains, always looking for natural products and partners who share the same values.

This is why we have decided to join the Asprom network – producers of barley and malt -, and we have sown two-row barley for the production of the Friulian beer that we will have next year. We have concluded a three-year contract to sow the national soy which is then transformed by Cereal Docks, – an Italian group active in the first agro-food processing and always attentive to quality and sustainability -, in the production of ingredients such as flours, oils and lecithins. A part of our land is dedicated to forage crops useful for obtaining feed for our animals and for the nearby stables.