The farm counts almost 30 hectares of woods and forests, all located between Collio and Preval. The woods are one of the main passions of my father for the wealth of biodiversity which is naturally present within them. There are mainly oaks, locust trees, chestnuts, but if you look closely there are also wild hazelnuts, black alders, birches, ferns and much more and moving towards the Preval you will also find poplars, willows, maples and ash trees. Not to forget the fauna that populates them, the wild boar, the badger, the wild cat, the roe deer and the fox to name only the most numerous.

This is how for more than 20 years, where other farmers bought or planted vineyards, my father continued buying woods and planted forests, creating over the years a beautiful working relationship and friendship with the Gorizia’s Foresty Corps.

It was one of them who one day taught him that major biodiversity is located at the borders of the forest with a range of 5 meters which for this reason should never be cut down or deforested in order to preserve the richness of diversity. And since that day, woe betide anyone who cuts or deforests that marvelous and unique area of the forest.