Choose your route with us!

Our farm offers a choice of 3 educational paths designed for children in primary and secondary schools:

  • – Vieni c’è un’ape nel bosco (Come there’s a bee in the woods)
  • – Passeggiata nella foresta (Walk in the forest)
  • – Fai amicizia con gli animali della fattoria (Make friends with the farm animals)

Each path is divided into a part of immersion in nature, a part of explanations and theoretical insights, to conclude with fun games to integrate the learning of the information transmitted to children. In order to devote the right amount of time to each route, we recommend the choice of one, maximum two routes. In order to take full advantage of the experience of all three routes, it would be necessary to stay for a whole day.

Vieni c’è un’ape nel bosco (Come there’s a bee in the woods)

Bees are the focus of our educational proposal: sentinels of sustainability, guarantors of biodiversity and litmus test of the quality of our work.

We’ll take you through the woods of chestnuts, oaks and black locust trees to discover their colourful hives. You will see the perfect synergy between this simple insect and the local flora.

Thanks to an educational beehive and honeycomb, you can admire the queen bee and the worker bees in their many tasks live and up close, without any danger.

In our beautiful educational room, we reveal you some secrets of the life of bees. You’ll learn more about protecting the environment with videos, photos and educational posters.

And finally, we have planned numerous workshops and recreational activities with the products of bees and underbrush. Crossword puzzles, group games, mime games, and more. Last but not least, children will taste the different varieties of honey and vote for their favourite before saying goodbye.

A complete experience in every way!

Passeggiata nella foresta (Walk in the forest)

Come, we’ll tell you… it’s like a magical journey through time!

We cross a unique habitat, composed of three forest biotopes: the hilly oak forest, the flooded wet forest and the historic pine forest of black pines.

Along the way we admire the love nest of a couple of imperial crows, who have lived on the top of one of the black pines for years to continue the species.

We continue on a slight slope and arrive at the marshy area, a historical biotope of high naturalistic interest. A 72-meter wooden bridge allows us to cross it: it will be like walking on water! Let’s enjoy a break in this surreal spectacle of biodiversity.

And after this wonderful exploration in nature? We involve children in activities and games all for them: recognizing the trees encountered along the walk from the leaves or trunks; measuring the height of recently planted black pines; differentiating between what is natural and what is of human origin, thus developing respect for the environment that surrounds them; and many other activities.

Fai amicizia con gli animali della fattoria (Make friends with the farm animals)

We have always believed that close child-animal contact is an enrichment for both, a source of only benefits.

For this reason, it was spontaneous to create a farm full of many special animals. Here the little visitors will meet live creatures heard only in fairy tales or seen in cartoons.

An endless surprise.

We host goats, ponies, mini ponies, rabbits, peacocks, chickens, ducks and geese. Our cheerful clique lives in dedicated spaces, side by side, and is free to wander in the shade of the pine forest and among the vineyards. Some curious cats will also follow us during the visit!

The path teaches children the essential rules to get in tune with these cute animals. In the end they will have learned their needs, how they spend their time, what they eat, what they like and what they don’t.

And of course, they will be able to pet them and feed them. Children and animals can’t wait!