Our child-friendly dream

The desire to cherish and pass on

Our educational farm “La Pineta dai Novai” was founded in 2009 in a paradise of biodiversity nestled between the rolling hills of the Collio and the wide plain of the Preval to give children (and adults) the opportunity to get in touch with nature and to discover its wonders from an early age and understand the need to establish a relationship of respect with the environment in order to preserve its balance. Its name bears the title of a beautiful poem from the beginning of the last century written by a famous local poet and dedicated to the centuries-old pine forest of black pines – the only example in the Collio – which is located at the entrance of our farm and for this reason has become its symbol.

Cherishing and passing on are for us two key words that guide us in all our choices and actions. The educational farm is a treasure chest that preserves the real values of our land and our culture, allows us to pass on our genetic heritage and offers us the opportunity to touch the rural world firsthand.

What better way to pass it on than through children, giving them the opportunity to live a day in direct contact with the incredible wealth of biodiversity innate in nature!

Discover through the five senses

To achieve this dream of ours, aware of the fact that a child only learns when he/she is protagonist in observation, listening and implementation, we have devised a series of educational proposals that are articulated in a balanced way between paths immersed in nature, moments of explanation and practical and laboratory activities to stimulate the emotions, the mind and the 5 senses of children in a light and playful atmosphere.

This experience will take place all within our farm which is able to offer a rather varied and complete picture of the local flora and fauna and in particular three forest biotopes – the oak and chestnut hilly oak forest where our bees are located, the flooded wet forest and the historic pine forest – and an animal farm, as well as large dedicated spaces, both outdoor and indoor, where children will also spend moments of rest and relaxation and eat their well-deserved snack immersed in nature.

The Educational Proposal

Our bees have been the main theme of our educational proposal from the beginning, as guardians of sustainability and as a guarantee of the biodiversity that our beautiful planet needs so much.

The subsequent extension to other animals with the ambition of creating an animal farm with chickens, geese, rabbits, peacocks, goats and ponies was a fairly immediate step.

Moreover, the jealous conservation of all the richness of the biodiversity of these places has allowed us to add to our educational proposal a crucial element in the exploration of the local fauna and flora.

Find the details of the proposal here.