The borough is the core of our farm. It is a place where “aesthetic and ethic” meet and compensate one another, where can be found the historic heritage of quality – natural or architectural – and which manifests a will and a politic of valorization, development, promotion and animation of its own asset.

It is a place of urban quality, of harmony and homogeneity, of preservation of the relationship between the urban microsystem and the natural environment all around it.

Pause in music means silence. We all need silence. We mainly live surrounded by noise and in the frenzy, but if we immerse ourselves, even for short pauses, in the silence of nature, we rediscover that the world surrounding us lives following a rhythm that we should recover and never forget.

The “Pausa del Collio” symbolizes the need to slow down and sometimes even stop, to rest, think, recharge, and start again differently. The need to look at the time we have as “abundant” instead of “rare” to appreciate the quality of each moment we live.

Our boroughs of the “pausa del Collio” are ideal places to live this experience.