FFrom the very first visit to the educational farm we asked our guests – teachers and children – to leave us their impressions and their comments in a book that we have treasured over the years and that has allowed us to go forward with enthusiasm and desire to continuously improve. Here are some of the comments:

12th May 2009, visit of the II classes of the primary school of Pozzuolo del Friuli :

“Thanks for the nice welcome. Congratulations, we felt at home and for the children it was an unforgettable experience since nowadays it is very difficult to see certain things”

– teacher Vera –

28th April 2010, visit of the primary schools “V. da Feltre” and “I. Nievo” of Cormons, first grades:

“We are very grateful for the hospitality received and for the positive teaching experience offered to the students, which will be useful for continuing their learning at school”

teachers Nadia and Sandra

12th July 2012, San Canzian d’Isonzo summer camp:

“Thanks for the wonderful experience in nature! Each child returns home enriched by this new experience. Congratulations on the exquisite honey!”

8th June 2013, “La libellula” of Gonars:

“We arrived all together… a nice group of parents, educators and them… our children… their smile, their enthusiasm for the eternal discovery of the world made of simple things… and that’s exactly what we found: the simple welcome of people who guided us in this perfect setting of Nature. We have discovered your world, thank you!!! We leave you the memory of the smiles of our children”

11th July 2014, Corte Sant’Ilario Gorizia municipal summer center:

“Thanks for the wonderful experience, this is a dream place, magical, a paradise where we all would like to live! We will return with immense pleasure! Thanks to all of you for the opportunity and availability! Well done!”

6th August 2015, Regional Institute for the blind “Rittmeyer” of Trieste:

“The boys were able to touch the animals on the farm and say hello to those in the pen. They were able to taste and appreciate the various honeys and thank you for the welcome and hospitality. Until next time”

15th July 2016, Association “Fantasticamente” of Staranzano:

“Place suitable for teaching for children. Staff very helpful and prepared. Attentive and involved children. Definitely to be recommended!”

8th August 2018, Grado summer camp:

“An interesting visit. The children were thrilled by the sight of the animals they commonly don’t get a chance to see. We thank you for the hospitality and patience you have reserved for us. Thank you”